SEO Tools and Extensions – Part 1

SEO Extensions and tools help in right understanding when you are practically doing effort to rank in Search Engine. Hundreds of free and paid tools, extensions & software make clearer understanding of strategies to implement.
This way, you ease yourself in terms of efforts you make and time you spend.
For Example, without these; one may go for wrong targets and results would destroy everything. Save yourself
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  1. mm nasir says:

    sir voice too slow…

  2. sweety zek says:

    R 10 min ki video he achi is sy zyada min ki nhe q k wo bore kr deti hy

    • Hashir Academy says:

      actually video length depends upon topic and covering that topic. Will consider your suggestion in coming videos

  3. sweety zek says:

    Sir video achi hai lekin voice thek nhe hai

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